(1) Your Order for Goods will be manufactured and delivered to you in accordance with the estimated date stated on the confirmation of your Order sent to you by Email. As all our Goods are manufactured-on-demand our normal delivery time is estimated to be 3 to 4 weeks and may be longer for non-standard Orders.  Because of the on-demand process, unforeseen manufacturing issues can come up from time to time. In these instances, we’ll do our absolute best to still meet the estimated timeframe but if we’re unable to, we will let you know as soon as possible. And if the new delivery date doesn’t work for you and you would prefer to cancel the Order, you are entitled to a full credit of your purchase price with Giroud.

(2)  In the event that the Goods are no longer available, or cannot be delivered in a timely manner for any reason, we shall without undue delay, inform the Consumer thereof. In these cases, we will make an individual agreement with the Consumer regarding the time of delivery. If the Goods are no longer available within the foreseeable future, we shall be entitled to terminate the Goods contract. In case of any such termination, we shall without undue delay reimburse the Consumer any payments which the Consumer has made to us in respect of the Order and or try to reach an alternative contract with the Consumer for replacement Goods. In the event that the Goods are permanently not available, we will not accept the Order. In this case, a sales contract with the Consumer shall not become effective.

(3) In the event that we fail to keep a date of dispatch, the Consumer shall provide an appropriate grace period that may not be less than one week.

(4) Partial deliveries of Goods included in the same Order shall be permitted, provided that the Goods can be used separately and provided further that we shall bear any additional shipping costs caused thereby.