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GIROUD is passionate about supporting conservation work and we are proud to be collaborating with Oceans Blueprint on a very important conservation project.  Through a Satellite tracking program they will be able to understand why the numbers of Sea Lions are declining.

Giroud is extremely proud to be involved in the project.  Our team has spent many working hours designing and producing the Sea Lion Collection with recycled fabrics.

The artwork has been lovingly created by the students at Rockingham SHS Education Support Centre in Perth, Western Australia.  They have hand drawn the Sea Lions with great attention and care and are so passionate about protecting these beautiful creatures.

We want to bring awareness to the plight of the Sea Lions and give all of our customers around the world the opportunity to support this important project through the purchase of our Sea Lion Collection.

When you purchase any Sea Lion item from us, 10% of the sale price will go to this project.

We also encourage you to donate directly, simply visit the Oceans Blueprint website (link below) and get in touch with them.

We love the planet and the beautiful creatures that call it home! Help us to save the Sea Lions.

To learn more visit OCEANS BLUEPRINT and Instagram @oceansblueprint