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French Heritage | Australian Tenacity | Global Consideration | Human Reflection | One World

We believe in the power of mindful fashion, wearing considered garments that speak about who you are and are loved and celebrated beyond the now.
When you place an order with us, we hand craft the garment just for you. We do not create masses of stock, our garments are unique and truly Limited Edition. They are made in our own Australian studio, under our roof, using fabrics that have been hand selected from around the globe.

A strong advocate for the arts, proceeds of every art infused garment sold goes directly to the Artist.

"Giroud creates a positive world for all. A world where we genuinely celebrate each other to the exclusion of no one, empower our minds, listen to our intuition, be change agents and step up and face our greatest fears. We highlight the arts that power culture around the world and encourage everyone to live a purpose driven life full of passion and joy."

Melissa Giroud Cook